Ree’s Journey

A Teen’s Story of Struggles, Self-Management and Success

Preface to the Book

Message to Counsellors, Coaches, Teens and other Readers

This story of struggles, self management and success, is expected to help teens to recognize that despite the nature of their obstacles and or despite their geographic location; whether in the Caribbean, in the Caribbean diaspora (the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada); in fact, anywhere, they can successfully complete high school; they do not have to drop out, or underperform.

The primary purpose of this text is to help teens experiencing attention problems to cope in high school. Coping has implications for developing career goal(s), including meeting the entry requirements for college, demonstrating readiness for skills/vocational training at the tertiary level or on the job training in the world of work to become a productive member of society.

Too often some teens with attention problems fail to finish high school; they drop out, sometimes as early as age 13, 14, and because they are not adequately prepared for the world of work, may experience difficulties coping in society; sometimes to the extent that they get in trouble with the law.

A secondary and equally important purpose of this book is to help to inspire teens to take responsibility to identify self management skills to cope in school. Taking responsibility is consistent with the philosophy of lifespan development which proposes that teens are at the developmental stage where they yearn their independence and so the opportunity to identify self management skills can help to satisfy this yearning.

Yet another important purpose of the text is to provide teens with insights on how their everyday interactions with significant others can be key sources for identifying age appropriate self management skills to support their goals. Significant others here include parents and extended family members; adapting positive parental values, teachers; listening to teachers’ pep talks, peers; modelling peers who demonstrate positive behaviours consistent with school policy and society’s rules and support staff; counselling and other psychological interventions, provided by the school counsellor and educational/school psychologists.

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Welcome to Ree’s story! Despite his many challenges he developed self-management skills to support his goals. By the time you are through reading history you too will recognize that despite your many challenges or struggles or weaknesses you can attain your goal(s).

Meet the Author

Dr. Louise M. Malcolm-Daley, is a Licensed Educational/School Psychologist, Licensed Counselling Psychologist and trained teacher.

She has co-authored a number of journal articles and has written for the print media, focusing on learning and educational development.

Dr. Malcolm-Daley is a member: Council for Professions Allied with Medicine, and the National Association of School Psychologists-USA.

Meet the Author


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